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Nasal spray addiction is what develops when someone has become dependent on their nasal spray. This is a very real and serious addiction. An addict becomes dependent on their nasal spray to breathe normally. They carry a spray bottle everywhere with them because they are afraid that they will not be able to breathe without it.

Nasal Spray Addiction Options

Nasal Spray AddictionHow does someone develop a nasal spray addiction? It starts with an individual having a simple cold or allergy. They begin using the nasal spray to help their breathing. They continue the usage thinking it is still helping when in reality it is not. They start using more and more of the spray to get the same effect; thereby, causing the individual to become addicted to this over-the-counter spray. This is known as rebound effect. The continued use can cause serious side effects for the individual such as nose bleeds, and in some cases holes develop in the septum.

There are nasal spray addiction options available to help these individuals. We offer our clients advice on the best way to overcome this addiction. Some individuals try to stop the usage on their own, but if they see this is not working they are ready to seek help. We offer our clients this help at our rehab facility.

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Addictions are real, and sometimes individuals cannot control their addiction on their own. At our rehab facility, we are compassionate to help each individual overcome their addiction. There is still a good deal of controversy regarding the actual addiction to nasal spray, but the fact remains that there are millions of people who are dependent on these products that will require addiction treatment to help them overcome this dependency.

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