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Modern AddictionsThis is America’s top 10 modern addictions. An addiction is the condition of compulsive, habitual occupation with a behavior or activity that produces some level of pleasure. By this definition, drugs or alcohol are not the only things that a person can become addicted to. In America today, there are addictions to technology, people, cars, food and even sex and these addictions are only increasing as the American society evolves into a society of individuals who need constant gratification in one way or another.

Do You Know America’s Top 10 Modern Addictions?

These addictions are known as America’s top 10 modern addictions and they include:

1. Plastic surgery addiction: an addiction to changing things that you do not like about yourself. This can range from breast implants to a nose job and can turn you into someone you will not even recognize after a certain point.

2. Internet addiction: surfing the web for your entire days doing nothing but concerning yourself with the latest celebrity gossip, Facebook, or even playing internet video games for hours on end.

3. Sex addiction: physically interacting with various individuals several times throughout your day-to-day life. You will not be able to control your sexual urges and will do anything to obtain closeness with others.

4. Tanning addiction: baking in the tanning bed or lying out in the sun until your skin becomes leathery. You will tan daily and even continue tanning after you have been diagnosed with skin cancer.

5. Shopping addiction: maxing-out credit cards, spending every dime you earn to shop and still continuing to borrow money from others to satisfy your cravings to shop.

6. Exercise addiction: waking up in the morning and working out for several hours, then going to the gym for more hours and so on.

7. Teeth whitening addiction: daily whitening along with dental visits to whiten your teeth to an unhealthy point.

8. TV addiction: watching TV throughout your entire day and getting nothing accomplished.

9. Love addiction: relying on others to make you happy. Never being alone for fear of loneliness.

10. Work addiction: working nonstop throughout your daily life despite who you leave behind in order to do so.

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