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Addictions or more on addictions, when you think about an addiction, you usually think about the more known or heard of things such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine, but many day-to-day things in this world can still have negative effects on the mind and body when they’re abused.  People with addictions suffer from withdrawal side-effects if the object of the addiction is not immediately available or currently a major part of their lives.  So many minor things, such as caffeine, that are legal and readily available, they can easily become an addiction.  It is no wonder there are millions of people in the world that struggle with addiction.  There are many types of addictions that people struggle with every day.  Learn more on addictions below.

More On Addictions – Most Common Ones

Alcohol Addiction – when a person consumes alcohol and their body and mind become physically dependent on the alcohol entering their body.  There is a big difference between social drinking and alcoholism.  Learn more…

More On AddictionsIllegal Drug Addiction – wide variety of “street drugs” prohibited may contain dangerous chemicals can cause severe problems even death.

Prescription Drug Addiction – habitual abuse of drugs available with a prescription.

Other Addictions

Other Addictions –  There are many other addictions affecting people every day.  Some may seem very simple or even silly, even every day things, abused, can cause an addiction.  Addiction is a very serious problem and ruins lives every day.

Here are America’s Top Ten Modern Addictions.

Leading Substance Addictions

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