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Teens today are faced with a wide variety of methods for getting high, and huffing addiction is one of the most dangerous.  They can choose from street drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, marijuana or even household products, and when these products are repeatedly inhaled with the intention of experiencing euphoric effects, addiction can develop.

Huffing Addiction Is More Abundant Than Thought Of

Huffing AddictionSome of the most common products used in huffing addiction include spray paint, glue, hair spray, propane, whipped cream cans, gasoline and butane.  Teens are attracted to these products because they are cheap, legal and most of them can be found in the home or garage.

Side Effects

Some side-effects that can occur from an addiction to huffing include:

  • Poor coordination, impaired vision and lack of good judgment
  • Trouble concentrating, memory loss
  • Damage to internal organs, especially the lungs
  • Central nervous system damage
  • Sudden death from lung failure or cardiac arrest

Another side-effect of huffing addiction is that it can lead to experimentation with street drugs or other substances in combination with the inhalant.

Parents should watch for warning signs inhalant addiction as it causes decreased appetite or weight loss, runny nose, disorientation, slurred speech or rash around the nose or mouth.

One major concern about huffing is that a parent will often recognize that their child is behaving strangely and take them to a doctor.  Usually, the parent and doctor are unaware of the addiction, and the child will often be diagnosed with some sort of disorder. If the child then continues the huffing behavior while also taking the medication, death can occur.

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Huffing creates chemical changes in the brain and body that make it impossible for the individual to simply abstain by choice.  Professional treatment by addiction specialists is recommended to successfully cure an addiction to huffing.

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