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Other Addictions That Are Common Today

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction  and other addictions includes all behavior patterns related to compromising, disrupting or damaging personal, family or career-related pursuits. Other AddictionsGambling addiction is not the result of irresponsible or weak-willed people.
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Sex Addiction

Sex is a powerful driving force. Some people become completely preoccupied and obsessed with sex which can lead to dangerous behaviors and life threatening habits acted out through behaviors of sex addiction.
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Smoking Addiction and Tobacco Addiction

Other AddictionsSmoking addiction happens because of the harmful and highly addictive substance in cigarettes, nicotine. Once this substance gets into a person’s system, it nearly becomes impossible to put down the cigarettes without help.
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When someone has an addiction to tobacco, it is a little different than a normal substance addiction.  When someone has a tobacco addiction, they are usually unaware of their intake.
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Food Addiction

Food addiction is more than just eating a little extra daily. Food addicts binge eat because they are never truly satisfied with the amount of food they consume. You could think of food addiction as if it were an addiction to drugs.
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Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine addiction is much more serious than people realize. This addiction can cause a person to lose his or her short-term memory and also poses problems to the brain and other vital organs.
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Other Addictions That Also Exist

Sugar Addiction Treatment

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

TV Addiction

Internet Addiction

Exercise Addiction

Hoarding Addiction

Love Addiction

Teeth Whitening Addiction

Huffing Addiction

Plastic Surgery Addiction

Work Addiction

Exercise Addiction

Computer Addiction

Video Game Addiction

Nasal Spray Addiction

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