Oxycodone High

Unfortunately, it is far too easy to find out how to get an oxycodone high.  The instructions are all over the Internet for anyone who is looking.  So, why are so many people discussing and sharing tips on how to get high with this drug?

Why Are so Many People Seeking an Oxycodone High?

In most cases, the individuals who want to achieve an oxycodone high are teens and young adults.  Oxycodone is their drug of choice because it is readily available.  All they have to do is steal some from their parents or grandparents.  Or, they can always buy some from someone on campus.  These pills are everywhere and they are often combined with alcohol, marijuana, or other painkillers for an enhanced high.  This behavior can send a person to the ER due to overdose.

Oxycodone is a central nervous system depressant that produces feelings of well-being and pain relief.  When abused it produces a euphoric effect that is desired by people who wish to use it for recreational purposes.  Unfortunately, repeated abuse results in diminished effects, requiring larger doses to get the desired euphoria.  Over time, repeated abuse results in an oxycodone addiction.

Treatment for Addiction

Seeking help for oxycodone addiction right away can prevent serious complications.  Some of the side effects of severe oxycodone addiction can be life-threatening when left untreated.

For example, some of the following side effects can occur after prolonged oxycodone addiction:

  • Breathing problems
  • Confusion
  • Fainting
  • Increased or decreased heart rate
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

Professional treatment for oxycodone addiction begins with detox.  This process helps the body eliminate all traces of the drug from the body.  Once the body is cleansed, the person is ready to begin rehabilitation.  Rehab seeks to help a person learn the skills and gain the confidence he or she will need in the outside world.

A comprehensive inpatient rehab program offers a variety of program options to help recovering addicts learn about the root causes of addiction and how to recognize and avoid triggers that could lead to relapse.

Some of the program basics include:

  • Group and individual counseling
  • Life skills training
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Music and art therapy
  • Faith-based studies, if desired
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Exercise and fitness programs
  • GED preparation
  • Childcare classes
  • Aftercare services

The goal of a rehabilitation program is to help patients heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.  In this way, the recovery is more lasting and the individual can reclaim their place in the community.

How to Find the Best Rehab

If you are ready to enter treatment for oxycodone addiction, there are several things you should look for in a program to ensure you get the highest level of care available.  For example, you should ask about success rates, costs, credentials, whether they accept insurance, length of the program, and whether detox is available on-site.  You should also find out if the program is CARF certified.   Of course, you also want to know if the facility is inpatient or outpatient.  In most cases, an inpatient program is best option for effective, lasting recovery.

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