Veterans Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

Veterans Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

US veterans who come back from combat have a hard time adjusting to their surroundings. Many of these veterans are wounded, and they are dealing with pain along with adjusting to being home. The psychological symptoms that hurt veterans often cause a veterans addiction to drugs and alcohol because they make them forget their problems. Because there is a negative connotation attached to the VA, veterans often do not seek all the treatment they need and the addiction results in serious negative health problems. The symptoms below should be met with treatment as soon as possible.

Survivor’s Guilt

Any soldier that comes back from combat having lost some of their mates is going to feel some form of survivor’s Veterans Addiction to Drugs and Alcoholguilt. They will feel like it should have been them who died, or they feel sadness for the families of the people that died. This type of guilt is normal, but it can be so painful that soldiers will self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. Addiction often results from this behavior when there are no controls in place regarding dosages and frequency of use.

Desire to be Back in the Field

Many soldiers want to go back to the field because they feel that they have left their mates behind. Some men get sent home for a number of reasons, and they want to get back to active duty. Some soldiers who are not able to go back to active duty will self-medicate because of the loss they feel. They enlisted to become part of something greater than themselves, but sitting at home is not going to help them. Self-medicating is often the only thing a veteran can think to do.

Physical Pain

A veteran who is in intense pain due to an injury in combat will be dealing with a lot of pain. Many people self-medicate so that they can feel numb instead of feeling the pain, which can cause a veterans addiction to drugs and alcohol. This is a common thing for anyone in pain, but it can be worsened when the former soldier has PTSD.


PTSD is a real condition that affects many people who come back from combat. The veterans have heard and seen terrible things, but they do not know how to deal with them. They may be sensitive to loud noises, certain sounds, certain smells or certain images. They are afraid of being back in that situation, and alcohol or drugs will numb them just enough that they do not feel that fear again.

All of the symptoms here need to be addressed by a doctor who understands how to deal with these things. Soldiers who come back from combat are prone to abusing drugs and alcohol because they do not know what else to do. They must be given a new path that is going to help them turn their lives around. If the individual has addiction problems due to these issues, an inpatient treatment program is the best solution for helping them turn their lives around. There is help for veterans addiction to drugs and alcohol through substance abuse rehabilitation.

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