Substance abuse is a struggle for many individuals today, but can you imagine serving your country in battle after battle and coming home with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) only to find help in a pill bottle?

Our veterans live every day with nightmares, awakening in panic and severe anxiety. They cannot simply be discharged from service and go back to life as it was before war. Days are spent trying to find jobs which can be impossible to hold due to the flashbacks which can be set off by something as simple as a car backfiring, an odor, or even someone running towards them.

The majority of these brave men and women are prescribed medication for these symptoms. They are given pills to sleep, pills for anxiety, and pills for the pain from the injuries they have received, all of which are addictive. All of these drugs have side effects, many of which have the vet going through life in a complete daze. They also self-medicate with alcohol. What this results in is our veterans having substance abuse problems on top of the PTSD.

  • One in six of post 9/11 veterans has a substance abuse problem.
  • One-third of America’s homeless are veterans.
  • Eighteen veterans commit suicide every day.
  • A Pentagon survey says that vets from Iraq and Afghanistan are 63% more likely to drink heavily than vets from other wars.

These figures are staggering. The costs of war are much more than just monetary. The costs of war are paid daily with the trials and tribulations of our heroes.

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