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One of the areas and aspects of drug and alcohol addiction that people do not put nearly enough attention on is the effect that this has on the family members and loved ones of those who are addicted. Sure enough, though, this is a huge issue that also needs to be addressed just like the addicts themselves need to be addressed. Let’s take a look at a few of the statistics on this:

  • According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, there are roughly twenty-three million Americans who are addicted to drugs and alcohol in this country. This accounts for about fourteen percent of the entire U.S. population that is over the age of thirteen.
  • However, what is not often looked at is the family members, loved ones, friends, and other such individuals who are close to the addict and who are seriously affected by that person’s addiction. This is a huge number of individuals too.
  • In fact, studies show that each addict has on average four to six people to whom they are very close. These could be immediate family, extended family, close friends, co-workers, associates, business partners, etc.
  • When we look at it this way, we can see that there are roughly one hundred million at least who are seriously and severely affected by the substance abuse habits of another person. This is pretty grim and pretty concerning, to say the least, but the brutal truth of the matter is that these individuals are seriously and constantly affected by the substance abuse habits of another person who is close to them.
  • This really puts the problem into perspective, as the family members and loved ones of those who abuse drugs and alcohol certainly do suffer in their own way too that is completely above and beyond how anyone else suffers. In some ways and for some family members, their pain and their heartbreak are even worse than it is for the addict himself or herself.


When the above data is examined, one can start to see very quickly that relationships play a big part in addressing addiction and in trying to really do something about addiction once and for all and for good. Relationships need to be mended, and recovering addicts need to take responsibility for the effect that their actions had on their family members and loved ones and those close to them in general.

A family relationship is one of the first things that should be addressed while an individual is in a relationship, and that is the truth of the matter. Fixing a relationship can end up being just as much about the future of that relationship as it is about the rifts and problems that caused that relationship to suffer. Mending a relationship, or relationships, needs to be done and it needs to be done quickly too, because people who suffer from addiction need to have a focus and an incentive for getting other individuals back on track with them, and they need to take responsibility for the situations that they created as a result of their addictions.

This is a two-fold scenario here. First of all, there is the sincere and very real damage that an addict causes his or her family members and loved ones as a result of being addicted and as a result of the various actions that they certainly took which negatively impacted the lives of those close to them. The next scenario here, of course, is that of the recovery of the individual. One needs to keep in mind that this individual is going to end up struggling pretty intensively because of their substance abuse habit, but then once they do get clean, they are going to want to have their family members and loved ones there for them as a support network to help them to stay clean and to stay abstinent from substances firmly and stably.

Mending Relationships at Stop Your Addiction

At Stop Your Addiction, a big focus of the program is to help clients to reconnect with their families and to really build and foster those relationships better. The whole idea and intention here is to get the recovering individual totally reconnected with their families, and to do so in the effort of really helping them and really assisting them to find peace of mind, sobriety, and abstinence from addiction for life.

Stop Your Addiction recognizes that getting off of drugs and alcohol once and for all and for good is truly a harsh problem and a difficulty that is very dangerous and very unpleasant, except when it is done with the help of a treatment center like Stop Your Addiction. For more information, reach out to Stop Your Addiction at (877) 409-1598. Call today to take the first step towards a better and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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