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When people suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, they also tend to suffer and struggle with a lot of other negative factors and negative crisis areas too, in addition to the addiction aspect of their hardship as well. For example, one of the hardships that struggling addicts face when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general is it makes them very difficult to employ, and it makes it so that struggling addicts have a very hard time holding and keeping a job.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Employment while being a drug or alcohol addict is a tricky prospect, to say the least. Addiction gets in the way of being able to hold a job down and that is actually quite the understatement. As it stands right now, trying to focus on some of the more ethical and more reasonable solutions of getting employment end up not being an option for someone who is trapped by addiction. Instead, the focus for these individuals needs to be for them to seek out effective and lasting avenues of recovery that are truly helpful to them and which allow them to truly branch out and find peace of mind and abstinence from addiction for life.

Getting free and clear from addiction has to be the first step because it is entirely unrealistic that a person will be able to get and hold and keep a job for too long while also suffering from an addiction. It just isn’t going to happen for them. When people are faced with a substance abuse habit, they will not be able to really do something effective or lasting until they can find their pathway to sobriety and abstinence first.

Places of work generally speaking have zero tolerance policies on drug use and alcohol use. Most jobs in this country today utilize regular drug testing and significant background checks, not to mention simply keeping an eye on their employees. As any addict knows, it is not easy to hide an addiction, especially from people who are looking for it. Trying to stay employed while also having a drug problem becomes this absolutely ridiculous game of cat and mouse in which there are no winners, only losers. When this happens, people find themselves in a situation where they really do not know what they can possibly do to effectively address and handle their addictions, because this has now become a pretty significant part of life for them unfortunately.


When it comes to, “The Job,” whether it is finding a job or preparing for a job, this is going to be something that a recovering addict is going to need some very real help and assistance with as it may be difficult to do on their own. Getting a job after one has been struggling with addiction for so long and is now sober can be quite difficult. Odds are that if a person was abusing drugs and alcohol for some time then they are going to not really know how to get a job and they will be quite intimated by the prospect of standing up for themselves and really trying hard to get real and appreciated employment. This is pretty destructive too.

When you think about it, it is actually very dangerous and very unpleasant when an individual in recovery is not able to actually kick their addiction habit or find a way off of it. This is a bad condition and position to be in, because people will essentially be finding themselves in sobriety and abstinence, yes, but also being unable to get a good job. As one can undoubtedly imagine, this can be and often is a sure sign that a person could be faced with a relapse. The scary truth of the matter here is that relapse is all too common and all too regular for people who struggle and suffer with getting a job.

In a way, this makes a lot of sense because being unable to get a good job would be a very stressful thing to experience which could realistically push an individual down the road to substance abuse and other negative and unhealthy habits. Having financial problems is, unfortunately, one of the most common trigger areas for substance abuse, as concerning as that might be. The fact remains though that not being able to get a good job after rehab is very often conducive to a relapse.

Stop Your Addiction addresses this by teaching job preparedness while clients are still in rehab. The whole goal and approach to Stop Your Addiction is to totally set their clients up for success in recovery. With job preparedness, they do just that. Call today for more information at (877) 409-1598. Recovery is only a phone call away.

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