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Holistic Lifestyle

A holistic lifestyle can help you and your loved ones obtain good health and fight challenges in life. It is particularly important for men and women who are fighting substance abuse and have completed the initial rehabilitation. Exercise plays a key role in holistic lifestyles and can help fight the temptation to use alcohol or drugs by reducing stress and focusing the mind on personal goals. Holistic exercises that are performed in the early morning help focus on the day ahead and provide a positive mindset to face the challenges of a job, classes or any other daily tasks.

Yoga Stretches

Yoga is often considered a holistic exercise practice because it incorporates meditation, breathing techniques and stretches for better balance and muscle toning. Depending on fitness level and personal flexibility, the best yoga poses and breathing exercises will vary.

Regardless of personal level, simple yoga poses like child’s pose and the cobra can help prepare for the day in theHolistic Lifestyle early morning. Child’s pose involves sitting back on the heels of the feet, bringing the head down toward a mat or the floor and placing the arms back toward the feet. The pose will help stretch out the back and helps fight fatigue early in the morning.

Cobra pose is another simple morning stretch that helps reduce fatigue and prepare for the day. The pose starts with lying flat on the mat or ground. The pose then lifts the head and shoulders off the mat while the legs and lower stomach remain flat on the ground. The arms are used to push and stretch the stomach and back.

As part of a yoga stretch, a simple Namaste breathing exercise is also useful in the early morning. Namaste is a standing pose that focuses on breathing and slow movements to reduce stress and clear the mind. The pose starts with standing straight with the feet in a comfortable position. The arms are slowly moved upward to stretch out the entire body while inhaling. After holding the pose for a few seconds, the arms are brought down and placed palm to palm in front of the chest.

Yoga stretches are a great early exercise to focus on the mind and body for a holistic approach to health. The mental focus reduces stress and fatigue, which can easily lead to drug usage if it is not controlled.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese holistic exercise that incorporates martial arts movements, breathing and meditation. The movements in the exercise include slow punches, turns, squats and other exercise motions that stretch the body, strengthen the muscles and require concentration that is similar to meditation. The movements come from traditional martial arts, which vary in difficulty based on the fitness level of the individual.

Practicing Qi Gong early in the day will help reduce fatigue, fight stress and focus the mind on breathing, which reduces feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. Since mental health is a vital part of fighting addiction, the positive mindset that comes with practicing this holistic exercise will help reduce the temptation to use any substance.


Pilates is not usually the first holistic lifestyle exercise that comes to mind, but it is an option for those who are interested in more precision and strengthening solutions. Pilates is similar to yoga because it incorporates breathing techniques Holistic Lifestylewith stretching and exercise movements. The difference is the speed of the exercises and the focus on physical aspects. Pilates is a challenging morning exercise that will strengthen the muscles, improve posture, eliminate fatigue and require complete mental focus.

While Pilates does not actively promote meditation, the intense focus on breathing and movement will result in clearing the mind and reducing stress. The exercise options for Pilates depend on fitness level and range from easy exercises designed for beginners to complicated exercises that are ideal for advanced practitioners.

Fighting Addiction with Holistic Lifestyle Exercise

Early morning holistic exercises are a key part of aftercare and treatment for addiction. The causes of addiction vary, but the treatment for mental health and stress often include holistic exercises.

Holistic lifestyle exercise focuses on strength, flexibility, physical health and mental health. It is not only about the physical aspects, but also the mental focus that comes from meditation and breathing exercises. At rehabilitation, patients learn different holistic exercises based on personal needs and are encouraged to continue the early morning exercises after completing the treatment program.

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