5 Before Bed Tips for Healthy Living

October 17, 2012

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You lie down for your night’s sleep and are hit with the disheartening thought that you didn’t accomplish much of anything the entire day. Oh sure, you went to work, but it’s all a blur and before you knew it you were hitting the box-spring once again. Where does the time go? Perhaps your day didn’t go as planned because of what you did – or didn’t do – the day before! How does that work? Here are five simple tips for healthy living – sometime between arriving home from work and falling into a slumber-induced dreamland. Any of these five tips for healthy living could potentially change your entire life outlook. Applying these 5 will certainly make addiction treatment more successful, as well.

Tips for Healthy Living

1. Exercise

Tips for Healthy Living


Some are work-out fanatics and can’t get enough. Some avoid it like the plague. If you are in the latter category, get out of the house, get some air in your lungs and work at least some of your muscles. You don’t have to be an Olympian, but you can do something: run, walk, bike, push-ups, pull-ups, weights. The martial arts, for example, can provide a very therapeutic regimen that contributes to one’s mental outlook. Whatever form you choose, exercise is vital for your cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and your overall physical health. Some cannot sleep after exercise, so it will be your decision whether morning, afternoon or evening is best. The point is to do it!

2. Take a walk

For many, this could be their main form of exercise but is listed here separately as a wholly mental and spiritual activity. The procedure is to walk outside, walk down the street and look at things. It is a stratospherically simple yet infinitely applicable therapy. When you walk around and look at things in your environment, you are extroverted from your attention – you’re getting out of your own head. It may only be a few blocks, but taking a walk can put you miles ahead!

3. Eat right

Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy

When you eat junk food, do you feel guilty? It’s called “junk” food for a reason. Avoid the fast food, heavy starches/carbohydrates, fried food, and sugar. Eat a balanced meal that includes fresh vegetables. Get a juicer and/or blender and start whipping up the superfood shakes. Avoid the processed, the freeze-dried and the frozen, and check the ingredients – if it’s a long list of fine print it’s probably best not to buy it. Also be sure to drink plenty of water. Proper nutrition can give you the energy you need to conquer today – and tomorrow!

4. Turn off the TV and the computer

This includes the networks, cable, Netflix, YouTube, Google, the news and “reality” TV. We are positively and negatively bombarded daily by an over-saturated onslaught of media, images, entertainment and advertising. It’s non-stop unless you switch it off. Enjoy the silence! It can leave you feeling lost sometimes – what now? Crack open a book. Take up a musical instrument. Play with your kids. Talk to your kids or your spouse. Do the dishes. You’ll go to bed feeling happier and calmer!

5.  Plan the next day

You can use your computer for this or pen and paper. Write out what you are going to do the next day. “Go to work and go home” doesn’t count. List out what you are going to do to improve your lot in life, the well-being of your family, help a friend – and if you’re feeling ambitious, your community or the world at large. Be sure to include at least one thing you’ve been putting off, like making good on a promise or having the one conversation you’ve been avoiding. You can even proceed to the next level and plan out your life. Envision or exhume your hopes and dreams and plan how to attain them – even if they seem utterly unattainable. Tap into your imagination. Just putting the idea there is a stepping stone in the right direction. If you plan your day ahead of time, you may find yourself – as you lay in bed at night – resting on a new plateau from which you can see a new future. You have nothing to lose and the world to gain!

These tips for healthy living number only five. Certainly, you can think of more. Many people consider they are pawns in someone else’s game or simply drifting on the proverbial tide. Still, others have a distorted idea of their own self-importance and a diminished sense of the value of others. Neither is true. You are important and so is the other person. Make each day matter, and feel great about yourself as a result!

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