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At our facility, our clients will have the opportunity to learn life skills, and become drug-free with the addiction treatment programs that we offer. Coupled with our addiction treatment program, we provide our clients the chance to educate themselves by offering them GED courses for those that didn’t graduate high school and would like to earn the equivalency of a diploma.

Financial Literacy

We also provide the opportunity to educate clients on financial literacy with topics ranging from the balancing of checkbooks to the most abstract concepts of credit scores and mortgages. We help make it easier for our clients that have insecurities stemming from the lack of knowledge of banks, credit unions, loan companies, credit, and loans to understand how these systems and financial responsibilities work.

College Studies Courses

Our caring and compassionate staff also give our clients the chance to continue their education by offering college studies courses along with our addiction treatment program. Our successful addiction treatment program coupled together with our college studies courses is a sure guarantee that you will graduate from drug-free, have a better outlook on life, and have earned a better education.

Our staff and program strive to address and adhere to every aspect of a client’s condition, and we will help our clients recover, obtain an education, and live a long drug-free life after addiction treatment.

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