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We strive to address every aspect of a client’s condition. For many individuals, insecurities stemming from an inability to understand and navigate banks, credit unions, credit lines and loans made an indirect contribution to their substance abuse. It is rarely the case that a sub-par intellect led to this circumstance; it is typical that they have received sub-par education in finances. To rectify this, we offer financial literacy classes with topics ranging from the balancing of checkbooks to the more abstract concepts of credit scores and mortgages.

Financial Literacy and Financial Stability

Many substance abusers neglect to take steps towards establishing financial stability for a very simple reason. They perceive goals such as buying a house or a car to be unrealistic and therefore unworthy of pursuit. The obvious reality is that they are unrealistic only in the context of a lifestyle that revolves around instant gratification. These courses make clear to the clients that things such as cars and houses do not miraculously manifest. They are the product of hard work and sound financial planning. Each financial literacy course is designed to motivate a client to work and succeed to attain pleasure, as opposed to falling back on the “quick fix” cycle of substance abuse.

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