Parent Is Addicted

When a parent is addicted to drugs and alcohol, providing for their children becomes a very hard thing to do. When a parent consumes and abuses drugs and alcohol, they get themselves into a pretty negative and dangerous situation in which they open themselves up for a good degree of risk and difficulty in how dangerous and problematic their substance abuse becomes for them. The grim and brutal truth here is that a parent cannot be a good parent at all when they are also abusing drugs and alcohol at the same time too.

There is no doubt whatsoever that there are a lot of hardships and challenges that come up over the course of being a parent, all the way from the birth of one’s child to their eighteenth birthday and then on after that. Being a parent is no easy task by any means, and some people naturally perform better as parents than others do. How this pans out of course is that parents need to be able to provide well for their kids, and they need to raise their kids to be good kids and to offer safety and comfort and protection to their children.

Long-Term Effects When A Parent Is Addicted to Heroin

It is bad enough for a kid to have to grow up with parents who abuse drugs and alcohol, but the worst scenario and situation here perhaps of all of them is when a parent is addicted to heroin or other drugs while also being pregnant, or while having infant kids. The long-term effects of heroin on babies are that, if they received any heroin chemicals into them through pregnancy or breastfeeding, then they themselves will also be chemically addicted to heroin. This can kill them, seriously debilitate them, or cause many other types of problems and issues for them on top of it too.

The effects of drugs on child development is also quite serious. Children simply will not develop properly on a mental level if they have drug addicts for parents. The long-term effects of drug exposure are very negative and have a long-term, possibly life-changing and seriously threatening effect on the child. Because of this, it becomes necessary to really think about the many negative concerns and effects of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction as it stands in this country.

Addressing Addiction with Stop Your Addiction

Stop Your Addiction can help parents who are addicted, and we can help to arrange childcare for children while parents come to treatment with us. Having children should not be an excuse to not go to rehab. In fact, children should be one of the primary reasons why one does go to addiction treatment instead. Really this needs to be the primary focus and intention of someone who needs and wants to get off of drugs and alcohol once and for all and for good. Though beating addiction is truly a harsh and unpleasant issue of the very worse kind, it can and it should be addressed carefully and effectively with the right recovery tools and treatment approaches.

When a parent is addicted, whether it is an addiction to heroin or to something else, the key approach needs to be to go to rehab as soon as is possible. This needs to be the main approach and this is the only approach that will be truly successful. Call Stop Your Addiction to take the first step in tackling addiction and in going free from the habit for life once and for all.

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