Rx Drugs Online

Each day, thousands of consumers purchase their Rx drugs online. Some of them are able to safely obtain the medications they need while others aren’t nearly as lucky.

For years, the FDA has been warning consumers about the dangers of purchasing Rx drugs from online pharmacies. There is no shortage of websites that claim to sell OTC and prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, many of these websites could be selling harmful substances. Consumers want to know what they can do to protect their health and safety.

There are legitimate online pharmacies, but there are many more fakes, so consumers need to understand the differences between real and fake online pharmacies.

Avoiding Deception With Rx Drugs Online

The biggest problem with purchasing Rx drugs online from a pharmacy is that it’s nearly impossible for the average consumer to know what he or she is actually receiving. Consumers should know that not all online pharmacies are dangerous.

A lot of these websites are legitimate and provide their customers with safeguards, privacy and convenience. It’s the rouge pharmacies that consumers need to worry about.

These pharmacies are known to sell consumers fake drugs, and when a person takes a drug that they know nothing about, the consequences can be deadly. The Rx drugs sold by fake online pharmacies aren’t tested for effectiveness or safety.

The problem is that many rouge websites actually look legitimate, so when consumers order drugs from the websites, they believe they’re going to receive the legitimate medications they need. Most rouge websites sell unknown drugs, which don’t contain the active ingredient they’re supposed to contain.

In fact, many of the medications sold by rouge online pharmacies contain the wrong amount of the active ingredient. Some drugs might contain too little of the active ingredient while others contain too much. Some of the drugs actually contain dangerous ingredients.

The FDA Tests

The Food and Drug Administration has actually performed several tests which involved the purchasing of Rx drugs from online pharmacies and most people  would find the results of these tests frightening.

There is a prescription medication called Tamiflu. The FDA ordered a number of drugs from online pharmacies, which were supposed to be Tamiflu. One of these packages contained white tablets, which had no labels.

After the FDA analyzed the tablets, they found that tablets contained acetaminophen and talc. The active ingredient in Tamiflu was not found in these tablets. In fact, many of the packages received by the FDA didn’t contain the active ingredient in Tamiflu, which is what they should’ve had in them.

Other Orders

The FDA also monitored a number of individuals who purchased Rx drugs online through pharmacies. Orders were placed for Ativan, Lexapro, Xanax and Ambien.

The consumers who placed these orders did not receive the medications they were supposed to receive. In fact, many of the consumers received a drug called Haldol, which is an anti-psychotic drug.

After consuming the fake drugs, many of these individuals ended up in the hospital because they suffered serious side effects from the Haldol.

There are many rouge websites that counterfeit drugs. While the drugs from these websites might look legitimate on the outside, the safety of the drugs is unknown.

How to Spot a Real Website

There are many legitimate online pharmacies in the United States. The location of the pharmacy is one of the signs, and the address of the pharmacy should be displayed on the website. Another positive sign is that the website is licensed by the board of pharmacy.

The website should also have a licensed pharmacist available to answer questions. A legitimate online pharmacy requires a written prescription before filling and sending the medication. The website should also have a NABP seal or badge.

How to Spot Fake Websites for Rx Drugs Online

A rouge online pharmacy will send drugs of unknown origin or quality. Fake websites send consumers counterfeit drugs, or they send consumers the wrong drug.

A rouge website is unlikely to provide a contact number. It will also offer Rx drugs for prices that seem too good to be true. The fake online pharmacy might also sell the drugs without requiring the consumer to have a prescription.

A Real Danger

Even with a legitimate prescription, purchasing Rx drugs online can be very dangerous. In the best cases, the drugs sent to the consumer have nothing in them, and in the worst cases, the drugs have poisonous chemicals.

Unfortunately, many drug users try to purchase Rx drugs online. These individuals need to seek inpatient care as quickly as possible. Reliable housing, nutritional meals and professional support are some of the benefits of inpatient care.

When compared with most of the alternative treatment options, inpatient care provides patients with the best odds for long-term sobriety.

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