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Xodol, while it is a helpful drug, has a side effect that can cause the drug to become addicting to whoever is receiving it. For this reason, the drug should be taken at set intervals and in mild doses. Let’s take a look at the uses and risks of Xodol.

What is Xodol?

Xodol is a pain relieving medication that was designed to help patients with severe pain. Since the drug is so powerful, it’s an over the counter medication that will require a prescription to obtain. Unlike medications such as Ibuprofen or aspirin, this drug is powerful enough to cause some very severe problems when taken in slightly larger doses than what it is intended for. Xodol wasn’t designed to treat minor pain such as normal headaches or a sore leg, but rather could be used for something such as intense migraines or to reduce the pain in an injury.

What Does Xodol Look Like?

XodolXodol comes in a pill form and comes in a typical pharmacy bottle. These pills are very small and white, as they are about the size of dime, but a little smaller. These pills are also longer in shape and aren’t circular like many other pain reliever pills. They will have a “TP” on them, which helps identify them from other drugs. You will also notice a small indent line in the center of the pill, and on the other side of it will be a small number that represents the dosage size.

Why is Xodol Addicting?

As a pain reliever, Xodol contains the common ingredients acetaminophen and hydrocodone. These chemicals can become attached to certain neuroreceptors — existing in the brain — and will begin to cause a sense of addiction to the drug. The brain will feel that it needs the drug to survive, and this will cause patients to grow a major desire for the drug. However, as a patient continues to take the drug, their desire and dependency for the drug increases. For this reason, it may become necessary for a patient to go to a treatment facility that prevents them from getting the drug. Just like a substance such as heroin or cocaine, outside help is often necessary.

Risks and Defects

Hydrocodone is a very addicting substance that the Drug Enforcement Agency predicts has caused over 23 million cases of addiction. Taking too much of this drug over a prolonged period of time will have some consequences that could even end up being fatal. Below are just a few of the problems abusers may face.

  • Paranoia is common among abusers of this drug
  • Anxiety and stress occur among most patients that take this drug for a prolonged period of time.
  • An irregular heartbeat is a very serious — sometimes fatal — side effect of taking too much Xodol.
  • High body temperatures were often found among addicts of Xodol. This can cause fever and sickness much easier.
  • Seizures are one of the top concerns from using Xodol too much. These can cause lifelong problems, and in some cases, even death.
  • An increased dependency on the drug over time.

Xodol also contains acetaminophen, like mentioned previously, which will cause liver problems when taken over a longer period of time. For this reason, it is unwise to drink alcohol while taking this drug, especially for those with a dependency on it.

Should You Take Xodol?

Xodol is not prescribed very often unless it’s necessary due to the addictive nature of the drug. However, it will be prescribed for short-term purposes that help keep the patient from becoming addicted. For example, it can be given to someone who has just undergone surgery so that they can have some time to recover without having to deal with pain. The medication will reduce — if not eliminate — any pain that the patient may feel. Some dental surgeons even prescribe it to help reduce pain after dental surgeries as well.

How To Take This Drug

It is very important to take Xodol exactly as prescribed to avoid becoming addicted to the drug. Even if you feel you need more of the drug for your pain, that could possess a huge danger and possibly build a sense of dependency. If you do feel that you need more because it isn’t helping your pain, talk to your doctor. They may suggest taking a whole new medication if they feel that the dosage would be too much. It’s also important to drink plenty of water while taking the medication to help avoid some of the more prominent side effects that many patients feel. Doctors recommend six to eight glasses of water a day.


Xodol is a very addictive drug that should be taken with caution. If you feel that you’re growing a dependency on it, you should contact your doctor and get a different medication prescribed. If you are addicted to the drug and are having problems quitting, it can often be beneficial to seek outside help in order to cut off your dependency. This will prevent you from having to deal with some of the major side effects, which are much worse than the addiction itself.

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