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Withdrawal From OxycodoneMany people every day in this world have had some form of withdrawal from oxycodone and any other acute pain medication such as Morphine. Our clients are closely watched and monitored to assist with the addiction to any pain medication. Oxycodone is an opium deprived drug which was intended to be used in an analgesic manner.

Painful Withdrawal From Oxycodone

Oxycodone is being abused by its addicted users as a form of narcotic. People who become addicted are those who are prone to addiction to drugs primarily used for severe to acute moderate pain.  Those who become addicted start to experience withdrawal like any other addiction to a narcotic. Withdrawal from oxycodone can be a painful experience for the addicted from anxiety to nausea and sudden panic attack. Other withdrawal from oxycodone symptoms can be muscle pain and or muscle weakness, fevers, and flu-like symptoms. Pregnant mothers who were prescribed, or abused, this medication also have been reported to have the same symptoms in the newborn children as well.

When individuals become addicted, it is a regimen for treatment that our center addresses. Each facility operates at its own rules as long as they all adhere to the state rules and regulations committee. Oxycodone, as well as other drugs, can show in your urine and blood stream. Like any drug addiction of its form, oxycodone can cause you to lose inhibitors in receptors in your brain due to the abuse of the medication and can cause immunity to the drug as well.

Treatment Plan For Withdrawal

Withdrawal from oxycodone is a rigorous process and does have a treatment plan with the full cooperation from the client. Admitting to the problem is the first major step in any treatment program, and then comes the recovery.

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