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OxyContin comes from the drug called oxycodone hydrochloride. It is similar to Codeine but considered much more potent. Those who abuse OxyContin can experience a “high” similar to what they would get when using heroin.

A prescription for OxyContin is to only be used by the named individual, and these drugs should always be kept out of reach of children. OxyContin is mostly prescribed to those who have been diagnosed with cancer, arthritis, bursitis or some type of moderate to severe pain. This is a Schedule II controlled substance, and possession without prescription can lead to legal problems or arrest.

OxyContin Addiction Treatment That Works

OxyContinOxyContin causes stimulation to certain opioid receptors of the central nervous system and can produce euphoric effects when deliberately abused. Over time, more and more of the drug will be needed to produce these same effects, and this is how addiction begins. Once addicted, a series of negative side-effects can occur such as constipation, nausea and vomiting, sleepiness, sweating, weakness and headache. The most serious side effect is respiratory depression. This can become even more dangerous if OxyContin has been used in combination with other drugs or alcohol.

Over one million people in the United States have used some type of prescription medication for recreational purposes. The rate of emergency room cases for drug abuse has gone up over 36% in the last year. Overdose is likely to occur when the time-released tablets are crushed to disable the protective coating. This delivers a full 12-hour dose to the user all at once which can be a deadly practice.

As with any other drugs, withdrawal symptoms appear when the addict attempts to abstain from using the drug. If the addiction is severe, these symptoms can be serious or even life-threatening. In these cases, professional addiction treatment will be necessary to ensure that the person experiences a safe and effective detoxification.

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After detox has repaired the physical aspect of OxyContin addiction, the addict should participate in an inpatient rehabilitation program to receive counseling and training to help repair damages done to the emotional and environmental aspects of the addict’s life.

We understand that you might allow fear, shame, or guilt to keep you from seeking treatment, but don’t hesitate to at least call and let us tell you about our program. If you complete our program, you will enjoy a future that is drug-free and if anyone should ask you “What is OxyContin?“, you can tell them from experience that it is the one thing they never want to touch.

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