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Long Term Effects Of WeedOne modern misconception today is that there are no long term effects of weed. Many teens these days start out smoking Cannabis, or marijuana because they see no side effects like other drugs may have. Little do they know that although weed may not have visible side effects right from the beginning, or as soon as other drugs, the long term effects of weed can be just as serious.

Long Term Effects Of Weed Studied

When someone smokes marijuana, they experience a brief feeling of euphoria that lasts from thirty to forty-five minutes. The high gives the smoker a sense of calmness, or relaxation and general things may be more appreciated or amusing.

Though the drug has no addictive substance added in, what people get addicted to over time is the feeling of the euphoria they experience. Over years of smoking pot the user becomes inattentive, escaping into their own little world, perform tasks in a dull manner, and lose interest in daily routines and may need to seek addiction help.

Studies show that daily marijuana smokers are more prone to respiratory problems and heart problems. In males, pot suppresses the hormone production.  When the herb enters the body it attacks the nutrient, magnesium, which keeps the central nervous system calm.  The more marijuana is smoked, the smoker becomes more nervous and uneasy because that natural calming nutrient is destroyed.

The Effects Are Still A Controversy

Marijuana affects everybody differently ranging from small things such as irritations to physical effects such as hormonal changes. The side effects of pot are not well understood so many people fail to tell their health care practitioners that Marijuana could be part of their problems. When this happens, the person is misdiagnosed and this, in turn, affects accurate reporting of information on the long term effects of weed and therefore, the controversy continues.

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