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Vicodin abuse is a serious addiction that can be difficult for the uninformed to identify, but the signs of Vicodin addiction soon become obvious to the close observer. Often, someone who was prescribed Vicodin can develop a dependence on it. Our inpatient rehab center helps clients who are addicted to Vicodin. The first step in any treatment is realizing when you or someone you love has a Vicodin addiction. The signs of Vicodin addiction are easiest to spot when you know what to look for.

Common Signs Of Vicodin Addiction

Signs Of Vicodin AddictionA common sign of Vicodin addiction is increasing the amount a person takes without consulting a doctor. Instead of taking the recommended amount, a person will increase the dosage they are supposed to receive. When the body is used to Vicodin, it takes a larger quantity for the drug to have the same effect. Increasing the amount privately, or visiting multiple doctors to get more of the pill, are common signs of Vicodin addiction.

Someone addicted to Vicodin will think they can’t function normally without the drug. However, they will exhibit unusual behavior such as tiredness, the inability to concentrate, lethargy, a sense of relaxation, or anxiety. They will also experience symptoms when not currently on the medication. Those going through a Vicodin withdrawal will experience muscle aches, insomnia, agitation, or night sweats.

Speak With a Counselor About Addiction

Signs should never be ignored. The longer a person remains addicted, the worse the consequences will be on their life. Our rehab center provides experienced and quality care. We focus on the client and develop ways for them to overcome their addiction. Vicodin addiction can be treated, but it cannot be done alone. The client needs a safe and effective space where they can overcome their addiction. Our rehab facility has provided this to a number of clients and can also help you or your loved one who is showing signs of Vicodin addiction.

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