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The side effects of Vicodin addiction affect many Americans yearly. Vicodin is a trade name for a drug that is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. The drug is commonly used to treat pain, but although the majority of patients prescribed the drug follow their doctor’s instructions to their benefit, there are others who become addicted to it. The FDA is, in fact, considering banning the drug.

Side Effects Of Vicodin Addiction

Side Effects Of Vicodin AddictionSide effects of Vicodin addiction include: the brain ceasing to produce endorphins, thus increasing the very pain the drug was meant to ease; a low sex drive that again can be artificially restored by the drug; and increased irritability. Indirect side effects of the addiction include the financial ruin that can come with supporting an expensive drug habit, and alienation from friends and family.

Speak With a Counselor About Vicodin Addiction

Fortunately, for Vicodin addicts, we provide an inpatient program in which our clients temporarily reside in a safe, comfortable environment while they undergo recovery processes. Clients will attend daily meetings and provide one another with mutual support by discussing their addictions and what they have done and will do to get over them. We have highly trained medical specialists to monitor the detox process and help manage withdrawal symptoms. Recreation, in the form of swimming, boat rides, gymnastics, and the like is also provided to give clients a productive way to spend their time, and help them re-adjust to normal life. We also provide aftercare in the form of therapy and counseling as the last step for our clients.

Now you know we are here to help, you do not have to let the side effects of Vicodin addiction ruin your life. Call Stop Your Addiction toll-free today to speak with a professional counselor about the different addiction rehabilitation programs that are available to meet your needs.

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