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Are you addicted to Vicodin? You are not alone.  This drug has ruined many lives since it became available in such abundance.  Although most addictions to Vicodin are due to misuse or abuse, there are some people who have used the drug for extended periods and developed a high tolerance that led to addiction.  Most Vicodin addicts are in denial about the problem because they still feel pain when the drug is not in their system.  This “pain” could be only one of the side effects of the drugs effects on how the brain perceives pain.

Surprise, You’re Addicted To Vicodin

Addicted To VicodinVicodin addiction is apparent if you find that you anticipate running out of the drug and obsess about how you can obtain more.  If you find yourself thinking that you cannot function without the drug, you might be addicted.  It is important to remember that just because a doctor prescribed Vicodin to you does not mean it doesn’t come with risks of addiction and health problems related to long term use. When using Vicodin, you might eventually feel that it isn’t working as well as it should, and find yourself increasing the dosage.  Next thing you know, you can’t live without it and you are actually addicted to Vicodin.

Someone addicted to Vicodin feels they are less likely to get serious problems because it is a drug that is prescribed by a doctor and is not an illicit street drug but this is not true when they get addicted to it, it can also do a lot of harm even cause death in some cases.  Someone addicted to Vicodin is at an extreme risk of overdose as well as developing other health problems.  The symptoms of overdose can be very devastating and can also be deadly.  Some signs of overdose are extreme drowsiness, cold or clammy skin, respiratory depression, coma, hypertension, cardiac arrest and or death.

If You’re Addicted, There’s Still Hope

Vicodin addictions can be overcome if you enter a treatment program that provides medically monitored detox to eliminate the physical addiction, followed by a rehabilitation program designed to help you heal the mental and emotional attachment you have to the drug.  You will need a set of skills and pain management methods to help you deal with pain and function in life without the  dangers of Vicodin, and a professional treatment program can provide what you need to help you remain Vicodin-free for the long term.

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