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Synthetic weed also known as K2 or spice gives a different variation of effects to the brain that are similar to those experienced when smoking marijuana. In the market, it is popularly known as incense or potpourri, and it can be found in several retail stores, smoke shops, convenience shops and even on the internet. Although it is labeled as not fit for human consumption, spice still records high sales demand in the market. The fact that K2 is a legal drug that is easily purchased over-the-counter and it is not easily detected in the system; it has become a favorite among the teens.

The Dangers of Synthetic Weed

Synthetic WeedSynthetic weed has THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) component that is ten times more active than the one found in marijuana. This compound helps in alleviating pain and also keeps the brain from deteriorating over time. However, K2 has been associated with some serious side effects which include loss of consciousness, severe agitation, seizures, elevated heart rate, dull skin, drastically affects the central nervous system, respiratory failures, and ultimately may lead to death. Some people usually feel burning effects after smoking especially in the lungs and throat. Most people consider spice to be safe since it is branded as a legal drug, however, overindulging leads to serious conditions similar to the ones witnessed in drug addicts.

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Synthetic weed has several blends of different herb incense, this blend does not have the same level of ingredients. It is very hard for users to determine how strong each brand is and that is why more and more people are falling victims of spice related cases, part of the reason why the drug has been banned in some states. Contact Stop Your Addiction for help with your synthetic weed addiction or substance abuse problem.

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