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Do you know what synthetic THC is? There is now an alternative to marijuana that provides the same experience as THC. In fact, depending on the specific product, it may be more effective than the traditional herb. It is for a user who wants the experience of a marijuana high without the potential legal consequences. Classified as an herbal incense, synthetic THC is stronger than natural marijuana. In addition, the same amount will maintain your high for roughly half the time of marijuana. It is important to learn of the side effects and to note that some users have reported that the sensation is different from a typical marijuana high. People who were not expecting this or had a bad trip called 911 over a thousand times in 2010.

Do You Know About Synthetic THC?

Synthetic THCThis new product for our changing age is produced by including a chemical that accurately and successfully imitates THC found in marijuana with a mixture of other herbs, giving it the texture and feel of real marijuana. Synthetic THC will not cause a traditional test for marijuana use to be positive, as these tests monitor the presence of actual THC.

Side Effects are Still Unknown

Depending on the particular brand of synthetic THC, the product can be up to ten times as potent as marijuana. It is important to determine what the additional herbs are that are sold as part of the product. In some cases, the marijuana substitute is sprayed on a mere mixture of grasses and leaves. However, some of the additional herbs could be dangerous and cause more harm than marijuana or a substitute would. It is for this reason that if you are going to try it that you should use a brand you trust.

Unfortunately, like any new product, the true effects that this synthetic THC has on the human body are unknown. It is documented to have caused seizures and rapid heartbeat.

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