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Synthetic pot side effects are nothing to gamble your life with. Synthetic marijuana, which is also known as the “fake weed” has gained popularity due to the fact that it is legal and gives similar effects as weed. When one smokes synthetic weed, they experience a high that is very similar to the high experienced when smoking real marijuana. However, the high does not last very long, usually only around half an hour, and the effects are not as strong. The taste is also less than desirable, and is said to cause your throat to burn and lungs to ache hours after you smoke.

Synthetic Pot Side Effects are Nothing to Gamble With

Synthetic Pot Side EffectsSynthetic marijuana is advertised as being one hundred percent organic herbs, which causes many to falsely believe that synthetic pot is healthy and natural, which it is not. Synthetic pot contains synthetic cannabinoids which are chemicals that were produced in laboratories. The long term effect of these chemicals on the human body is unknown. When one uses synthetic pot, there are several side effects that can occur. One of the synthetic pot side effects is anxiety. Other side effects include seizures, delusions, elevated blood pressure, vomiting, nausea, pale skin, heart palpitations, increased agitation, hallucinations, and an elevated heart rate. It is also not advisable to mix synthetic pot with alcohol as doing so could cause cause much worsened hangovers and bad long lasting headaches.

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Although the negative side effects occur in the minority of smokers, it can still be risky to smoke synthetic marijuana as the side effects of it can be very serious and land those who smoke it in the hospital. But due to the fact that synthetic marijuana it is advertised as being natural and are not made aware of the negative synthetic pot side effects.

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