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Spice (Synthetic pot), also known as synthetic weed or K2, is a mixture of herbs. When smoked these herbs produce a similar effect on the body to that of pot and can be smoked in the same ways which include joints, bongs, and bowls. What is synthetic pot? Synthetic pot contains cannabinoids which are chemical compounds that are not the same but have the same result, as natural cannabinoids found in marijuana.

Some Effects of Spice

SpiceSynthetic pot has many different street names, some of which are: spice, skunk, nitro, dank, genie, K2, ono budz, magma, ninja, puff, blaze, sativah herbal smoke, ultra chronic, and blueberry haze. Although there are no scientific studies on how synthetic pot effects the human body, many have said that it has a similar result to smoking pot.

Some side effects listed by synthetic pot users include nausea, delusions, elevated blood pressure, heart palpitations, seizures, and vomiting. Some other facts about synthetic weed suggest that it is more expensive than real pot, the high lasts no longer than 30 minutes, it does not mix well with alcohol, these herbal incense blends are harsh, and are not all equally the same.

The Controversy Continues

Synthetic pot is mainly used to avoid laws which prohibit the compounds found in real marijuana. Synthetic THC cannot be detected in drug tests but can be seen through a urine analysis. Synthetic pot has now become illegal in many states but remains legal under the federal drug enforcement agency because it contains no banned substances. Contact us today if you want to learn more information about spice, its effects, and addiction treatment.

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