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The term, rocket fuel, is a common street name given to the drug known as methamphetamine.  For the individuals that do not know, it is highly addictive and deadly. Thousands of people each year die in America because of a meth addiction or because of someone who was using it and involved an innocent bystander in a violent crime.  Because of this, having rocket fuel on your person will cost you serious jail time, but for most all to the addicts, this is not a problem that they will ever concern themselves with.

Rocket Fuel Burns Out

Rocket FuelOne problem that is attributed to the lack of care that these addicts have for their future is the mental damage that meth has to a person’s brain.  He or she loses normal mental function as well as their ability to remember and learn new things.  Many methamphetamine addicts seem confused or misunderstanding about simple, everyday tasks, and throughout their lives, the effects of their mental function will only worsen.

Other than the mental problems that a rocket fuel addict incurs, there are also the physical side effects.  A methamphetamine addict will experience side effects such as meth mouth, sores throughout their body, unhealthy appearing nails, skin and hair, and extreme weight loss or anorexia.  These side effects, for the most part, cannot be changed without several months without rocket fuel present, and in some cases such as meth mouth, they cannot be changed without extensive surgeries.

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Becoming a victim to the damaging mental and physical side effects of methamphetamine are unfortunate and devastating, but sadly millions of people suffer from these side effects throughout America daily.  If you or someone you care for has fallen victim to the side effects of rocket fuel, call Stop Your Addiction today to get the ultimate solution to this addiction today known as addiction recovery. Contact us today!

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