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A dangerous and disastrous way that people use to get high is a process known as robotripping. It is accomplished by taking in hazardous amounts of over-the-counter cough or cold medicines. These medicines contain the chemical dextromethorphan (DXM) which helps produce the wanted effects of the drug abuser. Unfortunately, if this drug is taken at extremely high dosages, non-reversable effects will damage the body, and some dextromethorphan effects might even cause death.

Robotripping the Masses, Growing Problem

RobotrippingRobotripping is a problem that mainly affects the teenage population. Shockingly, up to ten percent of American teens have admitted to taking part in abusing DXM to get a desired effect. The popularity of DXM throughout the young community has led to the creation of many slang terms for the drug: Robo, Skittles, Dex, and Tussin. The detrimental fact that the drugs to accomplish such a high can be purchased from a meager convenient store makes quitting robotripping difficult.

What side effects are exhibited by individuals that have been abusing DXM recently? A debilitating effect on the user’s vision and speech are easily observed. Moreover, people, after robotripping tend to be overly confused and have a lack of motor coordination. More serious side effects from DXM trips include cerebral hemorrhages, seizures, brain damage, and death. If you sense any of these symptoms in someone you know, it’s imperative that they receive immediate medical treatment.

Rehabilitation and Treatment

Any DXM abuser that receives treatment at our inpatient rehab center will be thoroughly taken care of accordingly. We provide our clients with exceptional medical care that’s crucial for their withdrawal process. The negative symptoms that accompany the body’s addiction to dextromethorphan are dangerous. Drug abusers who attempt to end their addiction to DXM must be supervised as they experience these effects to assure that they will become better safely and steadily.

Using DXM to experience robotripping is extremely dangerous and necessitates immediate attention from medical professionals.

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