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Prescription Drug EffectsPrescription drugs can have beneficial effects when used according to directions, but when these powerful drugs are abused, the effects can be devastating and far too many lives have been negatively altered or ended due to prescription drug effects, but the epidemic continues to spread regardless of these distressing facts.

We often think of prescription drugs abuse as a problem among adults; however, teens have discovered that these drugs are readily available and are becoming addicted at an alarming rate.

Types of Prescription Drug Effects

Dependency occurs when individuals begin taking prescription drugs to manage pain from surgery or chronic illness, and eventually find that they need more of the drug to get the desired relief.  They rely on the drug to provide a level of comfort needed in order to work each day or to perform other daily activities.

Addiction is evident when the individual feels that the drug is the most important thing in their life and spends most of their time taking the drug or finding means to obtain more of the drug.  They lose interest in things that were once important to them such as social gatherings, daily routines, personal hygiene, physical health, and relationships.  These types of prescription drug effects will not improve without professional treatment.

Avoiding Prescription Drugs

In addition to the anti-social behavior and emotional problems experienced, the addict can develop withdrawal symptoms if the drug is withheld such as nausea and vomiting, shakes, anxiety, depression, headaches, hallucinations, memory loss and many other effects.

Prescription drug effects can become life-threatening when liver disease, kidney failure, respiratory distress, and heart problems develop from over use and abuse.

If you or a loved one are addicted to prescription drugs, call Stop Your Addiction today to learn how we can help you overcome addiction and avoid these serious prescription drug effects.

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