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PercodanPercodan is a brand name of a narcotic pain reliever that requires a prescription. This medication is composed of two main ingredients which are aspirin and oxycodone. This medication is used to treat moderate pain to severe short term pain.

The ingredient oxycodone is a drug from the opiate family. This is the ingredient that is considered stronger as well as more addictive. This is also the ingredient that produces pleasurable sensations of relaxation and euphoria.

How Does Percodan Medication Work?

Percodan will bind to the receptors in the brain to prevent the brain from receiving and sending signals of pain. Basically, one of the major components of Percodan addiction would be the tolerance to the drug. Moreover, when a person prioritizes the purchase as well as the ingestion of the drug, addiction may likely be present.

When it comes to tolerance to Percodan, this would require a person to take larger doses of the drug. This way, the person will be able to feel the exact same effects in a more frequent manner.

What Are The Other Names of This Drug?

Percodan has many names. Sometimes, this is referred to as Percs, Blue Dynamite, Paula or simply pain killer pills. However, this drug may also be referred to as Endodan or Roxipirin which are its other brand names.

How Is This Drug Consumed?

Normally, this medication is taken orally. However, there are times that addicts will dissolve the crushed drug in water and inject the drug just like heroin. Some drug addicts may also crush or perhaps chew the Percodan tablet in order for them to experience the effects rapidly. For abusers who are desperate to experience a strong fix, they often shoot liquefied Percodan intravenously.

No matter what administration route is taken, there is always that risk of deadly overdose for those people who abuse the drug. Overdose of this drug can be detrimental to a person’s health, and this can also become lethal in most extreme cases.

What Are the Short and Long Term Side Effects of Percodan?

The main reason why this pain medication is highly addictive would be the feelings of euphoria that it is able to produce. In addition to this, there are other short term effects of this medication. Basically, this medication can induce nausea, drowsiness, and constipation. Moreover, this can also depress the respiratory function and causes headaches and stomach pain. Percodan abuse can also impair a person’s motor coordination. Basically, Percodan users should not operate heavy machinery or even drive a car.

Long term use of this pain medication will also have some long term effects. Such long term effects will include liver damage and malnutrition. Taking this medication for a long time will also induce kidney failure. Long term use of Percodan will also lead to physical addiction where the user is unable to control the cravings for the drug even when he or she knows the negative side effects of taking the medication. In addition to this, long term side effects of taking this medication will also include tolerance to the drug. Tolerance to the drug will involve taking the medication at larger doses in order to experience the high. This increases the risk of developing a fatal overdose.

What Are The Risks Involved of Using This Drug During Pregnancy?

Percodan has been classified as a Category C drug. This means that this pain medication should only be given to a pregnant woman if the health care professional determines that the benefits to the mother outweigh the possible risks to her unborn child.

If Percodan is used by a pregnant woman, this may cause narcotic withdrawal symptom in the child after the child is born. Moreover, taking this drug during pregnancy may also result to the chemical dependence of the mother. When the mother decides to abruptly stop taking this medication, severe withdrawal symptoms may be experience and this can possibly lead to miscarriage.

How Widespread is Percodan Addiction?

The abuse of some prescription drugs has continued to rise in the States. In fact, due to this significant increase, pain killer medications have become a more widespread problem compared to illicit substances. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, non-medical utilization of pain medications has actually increased from 537,000 people in the year 1990 to 2.5 million people in the year 2003.

What Makes Overcoming Percodan Addiction Hard?

PercodanFor several years, the seriousness of prescription only drug addiction has been underestimated. The general public may view this as a medicine and not as a dangerous narcotic. However, Percodan is considered an opiate, and this drug comes from the same family as heroin.

When a person decides to quit taking Percodan, he or she will need to undergo opiate detoxification which is a difficult process. Withdrawal symptoms will develop. Such symptoms will include insomnia, restlessness, muscle and bone pain, cold flashes with goose bumps, and diarrhea.

What Are The Treatment Programs Available?

One can find a lot of treatment facilities that help drug addicts. Like other type of drug addiction programs, there are several treatment programs that aim to provide assistance to those people struggling with Percodan addiction. Most facilities will conduct a thorough assessment of the present addiction problem and initiate a personalized plan of care to ensure that the treatment program will be able to meet the needs of each addicted individuals.

Normally, the initial step of most Percodan addiction treatment programs would be the detoxification phase. Most treatment facilities make use of simple and easy techniques to make this process more manageable. After the detoxification phase, treatment programs will be initiated. Such programs will include intensive individual counseling and dynamic group counseling, which aim to determine the root cause of the addiction problem and correct it. Relapse prevention is also another strategy used in treating Percodan addiction. In addition to these treatment programs, it is also essential to have a strong support from family and friends. This will encourage drug addicts to work for the achievement of their goals, which would involve the correction of their addiction problems.

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