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The need for painkiller detox will continue to increase in direct proportion to the ever-increasing rate of painkiller addictions. Pharmaceuticals are specifically designed to be powerful, and for this reason, many unsuspecting users will develop an addiction without having misused the drug in any way. This type of addiction occurs when someone uses painkillers for an extended period of time for chronic pain relief. Over time, their body develops a high tolerance level, until more of the drug or a stronger drug will be needed to achieve the desired level of pain relief. It’s often difficult to determine whether this is dependency or addiction, but in either case, intense withdrawal symptoms occur when the drug is withheld.

Painkiller Detox Programs

Painkiller DetoxWithdrawal symptoms are the leading cause of continued addiction. Most painkiller users are unable to tolerate these highly uncomfortable symptoms and will take the drug just to avoid the nausea, muscle pain, depression, insomnia or anxiety. With continued use, the withdrawal symptoms increase in intensity when the drug is withheld and the vicious cycle of addiction has begun. In order to manage these withdrawal symptoms to the degree necessary for a person to completely get off the drug, professional painkiller detox will be needed. Painkiller detox programs provide the addict a secure environment where the detox process will be closely monitored by trained addiction specialists to ensure that the addict is as comfortable and safe as possible during this difficult time. This is important because, with many addictions, the withdrawal symptoms can become severe or life-threatening; therefore, detox should never be attempted by the addict alone.

Once successful painkiller detoxification is completed, the addict must begin a rehabilitation process where they learn how to function in daily situations as a drug-free person. Detox is only the first step in recovery from painkiller addiction; it is not the cure because it has only treated the physical aspect of the addiction. There are a host of other factors involved in addiction that must be solved before the addict can become drug-free for life.

Most addicts struggle with emotional problems, relationship issues, poor nutrition, job loss, financial distress and even legal problems. Unless the addict learns how to cope and manage these issues, they will likely suffer relapse. The best choice for this level of treatment is an inpatient rehabilitation facility.

Begin Your Recovery

Call today to begin your recovery with painkiller detox. We provide our clients a nurturing environment, compassionate staff/counselors, and a comprehensive program that can be tailored to suit their specific needs or preferences. We offer the addict the opportunity to take an active role in choosing their own path to recovery, and in this way, their level of self-worth will steadily increase as they progress through the program. The classes and sessions are structured to teach the addict more effective methods for dealing with daily stress without resorting to drugs.

If you are seeking help or need more information regarding painkiller detox, let Stop Your Addiction help you begin your recovery.

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