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Oxymorphone addiction treatment almost always involves a stay at a rehab center since the drug is among the most addicting painkillers. Also known as Opana, the drug has properties similar to heroin and morphine, and it is among the most addictive of all painkillers. Withdrawing from the drug requires close medical supervision, followed by behavioral therapy to help the client shake the emotional dependence on this powerfully addicting drug.

Successful Oxymorphone Addiction Treatment

Oxymorphone Addiction TreatmentWhen our clients go through the withdrawal process of oxymorphone addiction treatment, they can experience cramps, muscle spasms, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, anxiety, and insomnia. Medical monitoring helps keep the client safe while the body returns to normal. Once the body adjusts, treatment and therapy programs help clients overcome the emotional dependence on oxymorphone. Sound nutrition plays a role in the recovery program, and the licensed staff dietitian makes sure that the meals the clients eat are nutritious; this contributes significantly to the recovery process.

Individual and group therapy provide a basis for emotional and psychological recovery. These programs help the clients identify the emotional underpinnings of the addiction in the first place, and provides tools to avoid addictive substances or behaviors in the future. Some type of family therapy is often included because as the clients recover both their physical and emotional health, family dynamics can change. It is important for everyone to go through the growth process for the most successful, long-term recovery.

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Along with talk therapy, clients in a therapeutic setting have recreational activities, many of which help them with self-expression. The recovery programs also provide exercise programs and outings, which helps participants feel better naturally without relying on chemical substances to elevate their moods. An oxymorphone addiction creates powerful urges that can only be satisfied with more, and a full-service oxymorphone addiction treatment program may be the only way to recover from this addiction.

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