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Unfortunately, over-the-counter medication abuse is growing considerably throughout the United States. Cough and cold medications are the substances most misused and abused by the public. These medicines, which seem harmless, can have extremely negative effects on the human body if abused. Because of availability, over-the-counter medication is one of the most widely abused drugs throughout America.

Reasons For Over-the-Counter Medication Abuse

Over-The-Counter Medication AbuseOver-the-counter drugs are cheaper than their illegal counterparts. A bottle of pain relievers or cough syrup only costs a few dollars. The stated use for these specific medications is to provide short-term relief to a person in need of medication for minor problems. However, many people, especially teenagers, tend to abuse these drugs by taking highly dangerous doses to get an easy high.

A chemical contained within a majority of over-the-counter medications is Dextromethorphan (DXM). Many abusers use slang terms such as: Robo, Skittles, Triple C’s, and Dex when talking about DXM. Cold tablets are extremely potent with DXM. Some stores are beginning to restrict access to over-the-counter medications as a result of the continuing abuse from drug addicts.

Speak With a Counselor About Substance Abuse

Another over-the-counter medication abuse that is becoming more prevalent in American culture is the abuse of diet pills. As people become more and more insecure about their bodies, they tend to look for the fast fix. Teenage girls, the main contributors to the problem, tend to think that when they take more diet pills they will shed the weight in a shorter amount of time. Unfortunately, continuing abuse of diet pills can lead to major health problems, and even death.

If you suspect anyone of over-the-counter medication abuse, refer them immediately to Stop Your Addiction rehab center to receive the highest level of care, regardless of the substance involved. Give us a toll-free call today to learn more about addiction treatment programs and sobriety.

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