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Our rehabilitation center works with clients who are dealing with forms of substance abuse, including over the counter drug abuse. Unfortunately, over the counter drug abuse isn’t uncommon due to the ease of access. Over the counter drugs that are abused include cough syrups that contain Codeine, an addictive narcotic. Some individuals don’t realize at first that they are abusing drugs because the medication they’re buying is legal.

Treating Over the Counter Drug Abuse

Over the Counter Drug AbuseDrugs that can be purchased over the counter are prone to being abused, depending on the type of medication and what properties it has in it. One of the most common abused over the counter drugs is cough syrup, and some individuals develop an addiction towards it. Since cough syrup sales aren’t regulated, clients can buy as much cough syrup as they want.

We help those people in this process by offering an inpatient program. With some of the clients, our inpatient program helps them go through a withdrawal period, depending on the type of over the counter drug that has been abused. Once our clients have been through withdrawal, they are able to attend counseling sessions regarding the reason of the drug abuse.

Speak With a Counselor About Over the Counter Drug Abuse

How do people combat substance and drug abuse with over the counter medications? This is what our rehabilitation center strives to do; to help our clients overcome their addiction of over the counter drugs. With our inpatient program, we strive to help clients break away from various forms of drug usage, including over the counter drug abuse.

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