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Treating opiate addiction may seem simple, but to many who are addicted to opiates, this process can be difficult.  If a person takes any opiate drug for an extended period of time and/or in large amounts, they are subject to developing an opiate addiction.  After prolonged use of opiates, the drug changes how the brain perceives pain and pleasure, and the addict will need to take the drug just to feel normal, and then will need even larger amounts of the substance if they want to get high.

Specializing in Treating Opiate Addiction

Attempts to withdraw from opiates will result in a series of opiate withdrawal symptoms that can range from mild to severe or even life-threatening.  ForTreating Opiate Addiction this reason, withdrawal from opiates should only be conducted under direct supervision and monitoring by addiction specialists.

Treating opiate addiction involves treating not only the physical dependency, but also the emotional aspects as well. Most addicts are experiencing low self-esteem, depression, family and relationship problems, job loss and poor physical health.  For treatment to be effective, each of these factors must be addressed before lasting recovery can be achieved.

Inpatient Rehab is Highly Effective in the Treatment of Addiction

Studies show that inpatient rehabilitation facilities are the best choice for treating opiate addiction.  The advantages of this type of treatment include a safe, supportive environment, highly trained staff and physicians, individually tailored programs, and the addict can choose the type of program that best suits their needs.  Treatment methods available include traditional, holistic or faith-based approaches to therapy that allow the addict to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.

The process of treating opiate addiction will involve therapy and counseling sessions designed to help the addict learn new skills and increase awareness of drug abuse and to minimize the control that the opiate(s) once had on the person’s life.  The addict will learn how to live drug-free and prevent future relapse.

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