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Opiates and their dangers are major contributors in addiction-related deaths and crimes worldwide.  Opiates are synthetic drugs derived from the seed pod of poppy plants and were created for the purpose of pain management.

Opiates work by interfering with the natural painkillers of the central nervous system, known as endorphins, and if used according to directions, opiates are an effective tool for relieving chronic pain.

Opiates and Their Dangerous Effects

Some of the most common opiate-based prescription drugs are Codeine, Heroin, Morphine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Dilaudid, and Vicodin.  The positive benefits of these drugs are often out-weighed by the number of dangerous negative effects produced as a result of the highly addictive nature of these products.

Prolonged use or abuse of opiates can quickly result in dependency or addiction:

Dependency occurs when the individual has used the drug for a long period of time and begins needing more and more to achieve the desired effects in order to continue working or performing daily tasks.

Addiction occurs when the person intentionally and repeatedly takes considerable amounts of the drug to induce euphoria, loses interest in daily life and neglects responsibilities.  Some individuals often resort to crime to obtain more of the drug, and will continue use regardless of any negative consequences.

The first step in overcoming opiates and their dangers is medical detoxification.  Since sudden discontinuance of opiates can trigger traumatic or dangerous withdrawal symptoms, the withdrawal process should only be attempted under medical supervision in a professional detox facility.

Following successful detox, the best method for avoiding relapse is to enroll in a rehabilitation program where addiction specialists provide the education, training, counseling and support necessary to ensure lasting abstinence.
Opiates and Their Dangers

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