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Opiates addiction can occur unwittingly to people who have been taking prescription medication such as codeine or morphine for pain management. Other people who begin to experiment with illegal drugs such as heroin or opium can also fall prey to becoming addicted. This sort of drug addiction is one of the most difficult to break free from. Not only are opiates very addictive in and of themselves, they actually change the body chemistry so that an addict starts to feel as if they cannot live without being able to keep the drugs running through their system.

Opiates Addiction Help

Opiates AddictionInpatient treatment for opiates addiction is one of the safest ways to detoxify the body from the opiates, and to learn to sustain recovery from the addiction. The detox process at our inpatient treatment center helps clients through the initial strong withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can include extreme nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shakes, sweating, headaches, and a variety of other uncomfortable symptoms. Being monitored by professional staff during this critical time in recovery is one of the most crucial times in a client’s recovery process.

Providing a safe and comfortable environment helps our opiates addiction clients through the initial detoxification stage and helps to get the body back into a healthier condition. During this time the highly trained medical and mental health practitioners work with the client to create a comprehensive treatment program. This program can include health and fitness goals including exercise and diet in order to rebuild the client’s health. It will also include counseling or therapy and education.

Addiction Counseling, Therapy, and Education

Counseling, therapy, and education for opiates addiction works on recovering from the effects that addiction has had in clients’ lives and teaches them tools that will help them remain drug-free. Skills, such as relaxation therapy, help with relieving anxiety, depression, and cravings. Counseling is used to help overcome relationship or family problems caused by the addiction.

Our opiates addiction treatment program has been the most successful in helping clients begin living a new life free from drugs.

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