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We provide inpatient opiate treatment programs, as well as treatment for other illegal substances. Our in-house program allows us to keep a close eye on our clients and make sure they are coping well during opiate detox, and we continue this level of support and guidance as the client progresses through the rehabilitation program.

Opiate Treatment Process

Opiate TreatmentOpiate withdrawal can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea, extreme fatigue, migraines, night sweats, muscle aches, and restless leg syndrome. While experiencing these symptoms, an individual can become irritable and very sick. At our rehab center, we offer opiate treatment and are there for our clients during the process, and offer a helping hand whenever we are asked.

After a client has withdrawn from opiates, they will be faced with tough situations such as staying clean and keeping away from anything that could lead them to using again. We will help them distinguish specific triggers that could make them want to use, and how to react when these triggers occur. Many clients are not aware of situations that could trigger their using, and it is up to us to provide them with the steps to take for keeping clean.

Putting our clients back into the community sober can be a nerve wrecking experience for them, and any help to keep them calm is beneficial. Family members are able to visit clients during their opiate treatment and gain knowledge of their loved one’s addiction. By bringing family into a client’s program, we are able to work with both sides and help them fully understand each others’ situation.

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Opiate treatment is critical for individuals suffering from drug abuse. At our rehab, we can help our clients complete the withdrawal process and make their transition back into the community safe and as easy as possible. When clients leave our opiate treatment center, they will have full knowledge of their addiction and how it affects them, as well as the knowledge of how to avoid using opiates in the future.

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