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Opiate tolerance occurs during prolonged use of any narcotic opioid alkaloids that are natural products coming from the opium poppy plant. These drugs are commonly used in the treatment and management of chronic and relentless pain. However, an abusive use of opiates may lead to physical and psychological dependence because these drugs have an endorphin effect since these directly hit the endorphin receptors of the brain.

Opiate Tolerance and Taking Too Much

Opiate ToleranceAn alarming number of cases of serious tolerance, dependence, and addiction to opiates are being reported daily. When taken excessively, opiates may cause minimal and severe side effects, allergic reactions, and even death. Some of its side effects include dizziness, dry mouth and skin, muscle and bone pain, mental confusion, itching, and labored breathing. To avoid these side effects and other serious damages, drug dependents need to have an opiate rehab.

We understand that opiate dependents need intensive treatment as well as responsible and safe medical care. We offer individualized and responsive care programs in which we focus on enhancing their skills and strength as a way to permanently break their cycle of addiction. These programs are organized in a dignified, safe, effective, and humane manner. Our clients also undergo detoxification process in order for their body to get rid of the dangerous toxins from opiates. With these, we are confident that our clients have a high chance to fight against definite opiate tolerance.

Speak With a Counselor About Opiate Treatment

We also have other treatment programs, depending on which our client will fit in. Some of these are spiritual counseling, holistic therapy, individual, group, or family counseling, and a personalized treatment plan. Medical examination and evaluation and guidance from drug rehabilitation specialists are also given to our clients.

We are confident that our clients will have a greater chance of getting rid of opiate tolerance and dependency after completing our inpatient program.

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