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Opiate effects are often brutal and leave the body weakened and unable to function. Opiates are found in opium which is derived from the poppy plant. Drugs that are classified as an opiate include morphine, codeine, Vicodin, hydrocodone and papaverine, and many, many others. Street drugs are commonly produced using opiates, and heroin is one of those drugs. These are highly addictive narcotics that have various affects on the mind and body.

Opiate Effects On The Mind and Body

Opiate EffectsThe primary problem with opiates isn’t their function alone, but how they harm the brain through long-term usage. The brain begins to feel the need to get the boost from opiates and the excessive uptake doesn’t help. The brain stops producing its own natural opioids that balance nerve sensitivity. Instead of reducing pain, they make your body unable to control pain. When the opiate use is stopped, the body is left hyper-sensitive and in excruciating pain. This is why addicts continue to use these drugs despite the horrendous way opiates affect the mind and body.

Another one of opiate effects the body is by causing severe diarrhea. This is a reverse of constipation caused by using opiates long-term. Diarrhea will often lead to dehydration and extensive thirst. It is important for clients to consume plenty of electrolytes and fluids to help their bodies stay hydrated.

These Effects Can Be Life Threatening

Opiates effects last for a long period of time after the drug leaves the body because the brain must adjust to changes once again. Drugs, particularly opiates, make it difficult for the body to function on its own. Think of it as a relearning process where your brain and body reverse back to normal sensitivity levels. Opiate effects are severely damaging and often make conditions where the pain is involved far worse over time.

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