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Opiate MythsThere are very many common opiate myths about the use, effects, side-effects, dependencies, and risks from using these drugs.

Below is a List of 101 Opiate Myths

  1. At high enough doses, all pain responds to opiates.
  2. Codeine is not as strong as morphine.
  3. Elderly people are safer with Propoxyphene for pain.
  4. Opiates should not be given to addicts following surgery, etc.
  5. Most drug addicts prefer methadone maintenance.
  6. The amount of opiates needed for analgesia increases over time.
  7. In treating severe pain, there is no ceiling for opiate dosage.
  8. Only if death is certain should Morphine be offered to patients.
  9. Taking Morphine will lead to addiction.
  10. Opiates cause the person to become overly sedated and unable to function.
  11. Respiratory problems and death are the result of taking Morphine.
  12. Taking pain medications always leads to addiction.
  13. Morphine has to be injected to be effective.
  14. Pain must be completely unbearable to justify taking Morphine.
  15. If a small dose of opiates works, a large dose would work even better.
  16. Pain should only be treated on an as-needed basis.
  17. Uncontrolled pain is an unavoidable part of many serious illnesses like cancer.
  18. Side effects of opiates can cause more suffering than the pain of the illness involved.
  19. In moderation, opiates are safe to use even if you do not have pain.
  20. It is okay to borrow opiates from someone who has a prescription.
  21. Opiate tolerance levels increase rapidly, requiring higher doses.
  22. Meth makes you prettier and sexier.
  23. Meth will make you more popular, life of the party.
  24. All my friends are using it, so it should be okay.
  25. Getting rid of methadone addiction is easy.
  26. People who take methadone for severe or chronic pain are addicts.
  27. Opioid addiction can be cured with methadone.
  28. Methadone was created by Nazis and was named after Hitler.
  29. Rotting teeth is a sign that methadone has gotten into your bones.
  30. You trade one addiction for another if you use methadone maintenance.
  31. Pregnant women can safely use opiates.
  32. HIV patients should not use methadone maintenance.
  33. Using methadone will cause you to become an alcoholic or cocaine addict.
  34. Methadone is more addictive than heroin.
  35. Methadone won’t interfere with safely operating a vehicle.
  36. Anyone using methadone is addicted to it.
  37. Addicts using methadone maintenance have a legal way to get high.
  38. Heroin addiction is easier to overcome than methadone addiction.
  39. Opiates increase sexual pleasure.
  40. Addiction to opiate pain management drugs is rare.
  41. When under pain management, there is no such thing as too much opiates.
  42. Opiates for pain management are always safe.
  43. Taking opiates for cancer pain management causes addiction.
  44. Your health is not affected by opiate addiction.
  45. Using opiates illicitly is okay if you are careful.
  46. Brain function is not affected by opiates.
  47. You can quit opiate addiction on your own.
  48. Opiate addiction is a choice.
  49. There is no danger of overdose with opiates.
  50. Using methadone is okay since it is a prescription.
  51. Smoking or snorting heroin is less dangerous.
  52. Younger people don’t use heroin.
  53. Abstinence is an appropriate treatment for heroin addiction.
  54. All heroin rehab programs are alike.
  55. Heroin does not affect your brain.
  56. Heroin does not affect your body and the way it functions.
  57. Heroin cannot kill you.
  58. Opiates do not cause euphoria.
  59. You cannot overdose on methadone.
  60. Heroin relapse rates are as high as the heroin success rates.
  61. Medical insurance will not help you for opiate addiction and rehab costs.
  62. Methadone maintenance is more harmful than heroin addiction.
  63. Heroin rehab programs are unpleasant.
  64. Opiate addicts use all kinds of opiates.
  65. All physicians do a good job of monitoring their opiate patients.
  66. If a doctor prescribes it, it is safe.
  67. Prescription opiates are non-addictive.
  68. It is healthier to use morphine as opposed to other opiate drugs for pain.
  69. You cannot overdose on methadone.
  70. Opiate prescribed drugs are safe for adults but not for kids.
  71. All opiates are bad.
  72. Opiate addiction can be cured quicker than an alcohol addiction.
  73. People use methadone just to get high.
  74. One addicted to methadone, you can never become un-addicted.
  75. Methadone can be used to treat cocaine addiction or other non-opioid addictions.
  76. Opiate addiction is a disease.
  77. Opiate addicts have to hit rock bottom before they can seek treatment on their own.
  78. After you have relapsed from opiate addiction, you can never again seek treatment.
  79. Oxycontin is non-addictive.
  80. Snorting or injecting oxycontin is no more dangerous than taking it orally.
  81. Withdrawal from opiate drugs is not severe.
  82. You cannot die from an opiate addiction.
  83. All opiate rehab clinics want to take your money without concern for your final outcome.
  84. Opiate rehab is expensive.
  85. Hardly any car accidents occur to people who are under the influence of opiates.
  86. Opiates only come in liquid form.
  87. All opiates are expensive.
  88. Opiate addiction and abuse does not cost America anything annually.
  89. Opiate withdrawal is impossible to make it through.
  90. All opiate addicts are beyond treatment.
  91. Opiates have no effect on a person’s learning abilities.
  92. Children cannot be born addicted to opiates.
  93. Addiction to opiates is a choice.
  94. You have to want to get treatment for your opiate addiction to succeed in the program.
  95. Going through detox and having a fresh start is all that is needed for opiate addiction.
  96. Prescription opiates are safe to use because a doctor prescribes them.
  97. Opiates can come from substances other than the opium poppy plant.
  98. You only take morphine if you are on the verge of dying.
  99. Opiates increase your concentration, making work and school much easier.
  100. Drugs give you more energy and stamina.
  101. I can quit any time I want to.

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