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If you haven’t heard already, many types of drugs that are intended for medical purposes are being used to fuel addictions, and Opana is no exception. In fact, some may even argue that Opana is overtaking OxyContin, as this drug is becoming ever more popular among abusers. Let’s take a look at the drug and see some of the effects it has on the body to give you a better understanding as to why people may want it.

What is Opana?

Opana is an over the counter painkiller drug. However, what makes this drug grab so much attention is the fact that it is very powerful, having twice the effect of OxyContin. Due to the power of this drug, users are able to get a high that is similar to being on heroin. This drug is commonly used before surgery or anxious situations to reduce stress levels and reduce severe amounts of pain.

Street Names

Opana has several street names associated with it in order to make it more discreet.

It can go by any of the following names:

  • Blue heaven
  • Blues
  • Mrs. O
  • New Blues
  • Octagons
  • Oranges
  • Orgasna
  • IR
  • OM
  • Pink
  • Pink heaven
  • Pink lady
  • Pink O
  • Stop Signs
  • The O Bomb

Why Did People Switch To Opana?

It became common knowledge to the general public that OxyContin was being abused, and so the manufacturers changed the formula so that it wouldn’t result in getting users high like it did previously. They also made it impossible to crush it, so users weren’t able to get the full effect at once, making it even more difficult to get high off of the drug. Abusers then needed to find a new drug that would produce a similar effect, and Opana seemed to be the next solution.

What Does Opana Look Like?

OpanaOpana comes in small white bottles that are sold from pharmacies. The drug itself looks like small green pills, which are about half the size of a dime. The pills are soft enough to be crushed into a fine powder, which allows users to either inject or snort the drug to get the high feeling they are so fond of.

Risks of Using Opana

Opana can be a dangerous drug when used too much due to some of the side effects associated with it. Not only is overdosing a huge risk, but there are other effects that can harm the body when this drug is abused.

  • Can cause birth defects in women that are pregnant or may become pregnant.
  • Over a prolonged period of use it will cause liver problems.
  • Can cause addiction to the drug, as well as depression.
  • Will cause breathing problems for those with a condition that is associated with breathing, such as asthma.
  • Will result in death or permanent injury when taken in excess amounts, otherwise known as overdosing.

How Can Opana Be Administered?

Opana is meant to be used as a drug that is taken orally in small doses. Doctors will often inject the drug in order to get a faster effect, but this is not how it is normally taken at home. However, abusers will often crush it into a powder and either snort it or inject it directly into their blood stream. This gives them a quick, full effect of the drug.

Why is Opana Still A Problem?

A lot of people will argue that manufacturers should just stop producing the drug and then it will no longer be a problem, but this doesn’t necessarily fix the issue, nor are manufacturers quite willing to do this in the first place. There are several reasons for this.

First off, manufacturers spend a lot of money researching and designing these drugs, and it would cost them a lot of money to recall it all. They don’t want to have to lose a large sum of money because other people are abusing the drug, and so they will continue to produce it.

Drugs like Opana become an issue in the first place due to the fact that manufacturers want to create a drug that can be powerful because this means that they need to create less of the drug while still making the same amount of money, if not more. If they can fit more power into a smaller pill, they can charge more for that pill and produce less of them.

This creates a cycle. Abusers will find a powerful drug that they can abuse, such as Opana, and then abuse it to the point that it raises a lot of awareness. Restrictions will be placed on the drug to stop the public from buying it without a prescription, and abusers will then turn to robbing stores. Once the formula is finally changed or the drug is taken off the shelves, abusers will turn to a new drug. This starts the cycle all over again.

Story of an Abuser

One example of how serious this problem is happened in Fort Wayne. A man walked into the pharmacy looking to get some Opana and other similar drugs, only to find that the pharmacy was closing and wouldn’t serve him. The man looked suspicious and lingered around the area, so workers contacted the police just in case. The man came back in an hour later with a list of drugs, including Opana, written on a napkin. He ordered the workers to give him the drugs or he would kill them, in which they complied. However, on the man’s way out the police were already waiting for him due to the call about the man’s first visit, and he was apprehended.


Opana is an issue that has been made the public well aware of, as it can cause addiction and lead to being abused. A dependency is created due to the narcotic effects of the drug. However, when taken in proper amounts and as prescribed, this drug is safe and quite helpful.

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