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Nicomorphine was patented in the 1950’s as Vilan, but has not been widely used across the world and has been listed a schedule I controlled substance in the United States. Nicomorphine was never introduced into the United States’ medical community, and the standard of generic morphine remains popular within the hospital systems in the United States.

Nicomorphine Uses and Effects

NicomorphineThis is a chemical compound of morphine and is several times more potent than traditional morphine. Nicomorphine causes an analgesic effect when administered to patients, and is traditionally used as a way to treat pain in patients who haven’t responded to other, more common, pain medications.

The drug has serious side effects including itching, vomiting, respiratory problems, and depression. Because of the associated respiratory side effects, it is rarely given to patients on an outpatient basis; it rather is used strictly in a hospital setting.

Addiction and Treatment

Nicomorphine, while a powerful and helpful drug to patients in need, has addictive properties much like morphine and similarly classed drugs. It has appeared on the European black market, but still remains a fairly rare find. Because the drug has never been introduced in the U.S. pharmacy-grade drugs of this nature are very hard to come by. Users have also been known to create it through a similar process as cooking heroin. It is a dangerous and potentially lethal drug that may cause addiction and is associated with strong withdrawal symptoms.

This drug should never be taken without strict doctor’s instruction and supervision. Those using the drug as recreational should seek professional inpatient addiction rehabilitation treatment.  For more information about Nicomorphine addiction and abuse, please contact Stop Your Addiction and speak with one of our highly skilled professionals today.

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