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Nicomorphine addiction refers to drugs like Vilan, Subellan, MorZet, and Gevilan.  Nicomorphine drugs are prescribed to treat severe pain and are classified as opiate drugs.  When compared to drugs like morphine, Nicomorphine is three times more potent.  The side effects for addiction to this drug, however, are not as extreme as those of morphine and this makes it an attractive drug to abuse.

Physical Health Problems Develop From Nicomorphine Addiction

Due to the euphoria that is felt when a person uses Nicomorphine, a person can develop a Nicomorphine addiction.  When Nicomorphine addictionNicomorphine Addiction develops, this poses a problem for the person’s mental and physical health by damaging the heart, kidneys, liver and the brain.  Overdosing is also a risk when a person suffers from an addiction to this drug, and some of the problems associated with their abuse of Nicomorphine can be difficult to manage and overcome.

Addiction Can Be Life Threatening

As with other opioid drugs, Nicomorphine should not be used as a recreational drug because of the life-threatening effects they can have on the user.  It is important to look for signs of abuse in a person who uses Nicomorphine.  Even a couple of uses of the drug can lead to an addiction.  Before long a person will develop a high tolerance for the drug and require more and more of it to feel its effects.  Some of the common side-effects of being addicted to Nicomorphine include itching, depression, nausea, respiratory difficulties, and sweating.

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