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Narcotic addiction can take on many different forms depending on the drug of choice.  Narcotic addiction is a growing concern in today’s society and makes our drug cabinets at home more dangerous than the local corner drug dealer. While narcotics in their pure form are illegal, many drug companies will combine them with other non-narcotic drugs to enhance the anxiety reducing and pain relieving effects.  There is no age, gender, ethnic group, or social class that is immune to the effects of narcotic addiction.  Everyone is vulnerable as physicians continue to prescribe these drugs on a regular basis.  No matter how innocent the situation can start out, even treating an ailment with a legally prescribed narcotic; usage can lead to addiction.

The Dangers of Narcotic Addiction

Addiction is typically characterized through a dependence on the drug.  Tolerance for the drug builds as the effects of the narcotic are minimized as the body becomes immune to its effects.  If the dose is lessened or if the user stops taking or using the drug, withdrawal symptoms will begin and cravings will become overwhelming.  This is what makes the cycle of addiction endless.  No one wants to experience pain and as withdrawal symptoms begin and the cravings take over, priorities will become different as focus is on obtaining more of the drug.

Narcotic AddictionNarcotic addiction is caused through the changes that take place in the structure and function of the brain as use of the drug continues.  When a narcotic enters the brain, it attaches to the pain receptors which suppress the pain the person may be experiencing.  This causes the functions of the brain and body to become slow causing drowsiness.  This is why narcotics work for anxiety relief as well.  The calming effects help reduce stress and anxiety.

As the narcotics cause the release of dopamine in the brain, the user will experience the drug’s euphoric effects.  This is what makes narcotics so addicting.  Over time, the brain becomes dependent on the drug to perform these functions instead of doing them naturally. This change is what causes the body to become dependent on the drug and causes addiction. Those that are suffering from this type of addiction will often exhibit major changes in mood and attitude.  Doctor shopping is also a major problem with narcotic addiction.  Narcotic addicts will go from doctor to doctor obtaining multiple prescriptions and even falsifying prescriptions to feed their addiction.

Overcome Addiction

If you think that you or someone you know may be suffering from narcotic addiction, please talk to someone about getting help.  Getting treatment through a licensed rehab facility is the only way to overcome narcotic addiction and take back control of your life. Substance abuse and addiction are serious diseases that can not only cause many health problems and destroy your life, but they can also lead to legal hassles.  Our addiction counselors can help you find the path to a successful recovery from addiction.

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