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Methadone RehabilitationMethadone rehabilitation is offered to individuals who have become addicted to methadone and are in need of medical professional assistance to successfully overcome their addiction problem.  Methadone programs are offered all over the country and are all different, but, for the most part, methadone rehabilitation programs follow the same basic guidelines.  When an individual enters into methadone rehabilitation they will first go through methadone detoxification.

Detoxification is Intense with Methadone Rehabilitation

Methadone detoxification allows the body to rid itself of any toxins that may be present.  The difference from methadone detoxification and other detoxification programs is that methadone detoxification is set to a higher standard because this recovery stage is one of the most intense to go through in the addiction world.  It involves several weeks of methadone withdrawal and constant surveillance to make sure everything is going according to plan.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The second basic step in methadone rehab is known as cognitive behavioral therapy.  This type of therapy allows a recovering methadone addict to communicate individually with an addiction treatment counselor in a group setting so that they can talk about their methadone addiction and be able to figure out why the methadone addiction actually came into their life.  This stage in rehabilitation will last throughout the entire treatment program, but eventually the stage known as behavioral modification therapy will come into play and this stage offers a higher chance at success over the methadone addiction.

Behavioral Modification

Behavioral modification therapy will allow an individual to learn techniques on how to remain sober and learn the things in their life that need to be changed so that they can live their life free from the addiction.  This stage in methadone rehabilitation is considered to be highly important and beneficial for a lasting recovery.

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