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Methadone MaintenanceUsing methadone over several weeks as a treatment for an opioid addiction is known as methadone maintenance.  This treatment option is mainly used for addicts with severe opioid addiction cases that cannot handle the withdrawal effects that come into their life shortly after they choose to come clean from their addictions.

Methadone maintenance offers:

  • Addiction craving relief
  • Withdrawal symptoms minimized
  • Makes the entire opioid addiction treatment process manageable

Whenever a person chooses to go through maintenance they begin their treatment as soon as they quit taking the drugs that they are addicted too.  The typical dosing during methadone maintenance ranges from 25 mg to 150 mg of methadone daily, depending on the person and the severity of the addiction.

Methadone Maintenance Term Options

Methadone maintenance can be a program that an individual chooses to enter into long-term or they can come into the addiction treatment clinic on a daily basis to receive their dosing and to follow-up on their addiction recovery.  This treatment program has several advantages and disadvantages that an individual needs to consider before actually choosing what will work best for their lifestyle and addiction.


  • Maintenance helps thousands of people who cannot commit to treatment due to the fear that they will go through withdrawal get the help that they need.
  • It is effective and affordable.
  • Programs are offered throughout the country for easy accessibility.


  • Methadone addiction is possible with methadone intake.
  • Relapse is a high possibility.
  • Not all maintenance treatment programs are 100% effective.
  • Methadone can cause physical and mental damage with intake.

Help and More Information

Knowing the risks and benefits of maintenance is the best way to choose the perfect program for you and your addiction.  To learn more about methadone maintenance or to get help with your addiction today, call now.

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