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Methadone addiction occurs when a person continuously uses methadone until their body and mind craves the effects of the drug.  This addiction is considered to be one of the most severe addiction cases known today and it is said that when you become addicted to methadone, you have a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Warning Signs of Methadone Addiction

Methadone AddictionTo determine if you or your loved one is in fact, living with a addiction, first, look at the warning signs that all point to a methadone abuse or addiction being present:

  • Lying to a medical professional in order to obtain methadone with a prescription or to increase your prescription size
  • Overusing your methadone prescription
  • Using methadone for non-medical purposes
  • Thinking about methadone constantly when you are not high
  • Spending all of your income on methadone
  • Changes in physical behavior
  • Choosing to use methadone over doing your daily tasks

Get Help for Your or Your Loved One’s Methadone Addiction

If you are addicted to methadone, look at possible methadone addiction treatment recovery options, plan your rehab for your methadone addiction and immediately discontinue methadone usage. If it is your loved one that is addicted to methadone plan an intervention, find a rehab center ideal for their addiction, plan out the entire rehab and aftercare program and get them into the rehab program at all costs. A methadone addiction will not go away by simply giving it time.  It will only worsen and cause severe trauma to your family, your career, your financial stability and the people around you.  To get help for your methadone addiction or for your loved ones drug problem or addiction, call toll free today.

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