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In America today, meth use is something that has become out of control, especially in certain mid-western regions. These regions see an incredible increase in meth laboratories that produce large quantities of the drug for a very inexpensive price, meaning lots of cheap meth available for the average person. With this observed, increase in production facilities for the drug have been causes of addiction and severe abuse that take a major toll on the lives of those caught up in it.

Meth Use and The Effects

Meth UseLike many other physically addicting substances, meth causes very intense cravings for the drug and can carry strong withdrawal symptoms. Many times addicts do not have the strength to weather these out alone, or without the support of family members. Support groups are offered by drug addiction treatment facilities along with therapy options like talk therapy. Meth use can range from moderate to extreme in cases of addiction and abuse and has a wide variety of physical and psychological effects that could make themselves apparent after continued use.

A lot of individuals struggle with something known as stimulant psychosis, or more specifically methamphetamine psychosis, which stems from ingesting large quantities of the substance for an extended period of time. Symptoms would include sudden anger outbursts, delusions, hostility, hallucinations, and anxiety attacks. These effects generally go away after long periods of abstinence and rehabilitation.

Addiction Treatment and Support

In cases of addiction, whether it be due to meth use or use of any addictive substance, it is very important for family and friends to be involved in the support process. If family and friends are not available to aid, it is crucial to find a support group of like-minded individuals who are also trying to get rid of a damaging habit. Methamphetamine use is a growing issue in many American towns, and will likely continue to be one as the number of meth labs spread.

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